Saturday, June 8, 2013

The days are flying by, all the sides have been stitched on to the memory/keepsake box and photos taken but DH has been hogging the computer as he has been uploading lots of pictures for the bestman to use in his speech and with our very slow connection it has been a bit of mission.

I have used metallic thread in some places to give a little sparkle, but as the material was shiny it was really hard to photograph.  The box lid just needs its under part gluing but somehow a mark has appeared on the silk so I shall have to re do that.  I think my favourite side is the horseshoe with its stumpwork and beaded flowers

DD and I have had our 'hairup' session at the hairdressers, taking lots of photos so that we can help each other on the day, fasinators and sparkles, and a warm glo about DD's hair which is now very curly in a soft way and really quite long now considering......

DH has also been creating new music backing track files so that he can limit the amount of equipment he has to take.  We were also quite surprised and pleased with the extra baggage charge for the guitar and I have booked my special assistance as I shall be flying on my own, que chewing finger nails.......

Here is Benji, pretending he is a flowerpot, funny the things cats sleep in

and this is my pot of lillies, DH bought them for me last year and I was really pleased that they survived giving a lovely show.
better get back to the box lid, really lucky that I have another piece of silk........

take care


  1. Chrissie the box is just lovely... I also like the 3D effect of the horseshoes side but they are all lovely for dfferent reasons... not long to go and it sounds like things are coming together...

  2. The box is looking amazing. From the photos my favourite is the "Love" (1st pic). You have done well to get that done and take care of all the other things you needed to. Almost time now to relax and enjoy the occasion.

  3. oh wow, that is stunning! What a wonderful keepsake

  4. Very Impressive Chrissie...what a wonderful gift and more so when you think its handmade.
    I love those scarlet hearts!.

    keep well

    Amanda :-)