Saturday, May 25, 2013


I was given a bag of nisperos. They are a local fruit  they bruise easily and so do not travel well.  These had been marked by the hail - hadn't tried them before but they were really delicious. A sharp sweetness, yes I know that is a contradiction but it's the only way to describe it, with the flesh firm like a peach
 Awful photo but by the time I realised it was too late, they had all been prepared.  Each fruit had 2/3 of these seeds inside so considering the size of them you do not get very much flesh. 
I thought it would be interesting to see if I could grow them - they will have 2 chances lol

A little while ago I did the same with the advocado seed - the root grew quite quickly then the seed split and produced the shoot.  I have now planted it up, so will wait and see how it performs.

I have also been experimenting with green smoothies - this one consists of cucumber, celery, pear, lemon, spinach and cilantro (coriander) - I got DH to try a sip, his face was a picture, certainly didn't like it preferring fruit smoothies, but I found it quite pleasant with the cilantro definitly adding to the taste

I said I had better get a wriggle on with the keepsake box - I have now stitched the box top and 3 sides with the fourth on the go, quite pleased with it so far
this is one of the sides, the wings are wired to give a 3D effect - it was only after taking the photo that I noticed it looked like a face, it doesn't look like that in the flesh though - honest
Better carry on with it only a couple of weeks left now.
Have a great weekend whatever you are doing
take care


  1. I've seen nisperos before but never known what they thanks. I love the keepsake box...really lovely J.

    1. Thank you - they grow the nisperos in the next valley to us, all under cover of special nets to protect them, the whole hillsides are just covered. You can gently poach the fruits and these are really nice too -(sorry couldn't find your email address)

  2. I'll be interested to see what happens with your nispero tree! lovely embroidery

  3. you are good at trying to grow the seeds..... I could see the face in the stitchery too but only once you mentioned it... looks very retro!

  4. The embroidery looks beautiful. Now you mention it I can see the face. Will be lovely to see the whole box when it is done. The fruit sounds interesting, hope the seeds germinate for you.