Friday, May 17, 2013


Socks! - I was inspired by Kim (private blog) to try knitting a pair of socks - hmmm, well after casting on 3 times, getting in a pickle,  double checking the Youtube tut and struggliing with the tension, I managed to even turn the heel, but then it went wrong, suddenly the stitching turned inside out, but the pattern said to knit, oh well as long as the other one turns out the same..........
Busy week - Monday DD and I tried Benidorm again - this time we decided to park in the closest underground carpark and walk.  What we hadn't realised was the inner town is a series of tiny passages no wonder we couldn't get there by car..... The shops close at 2 - 5 here so we were a bit late - tried a few dresses and reserved one - unfortunately DH didn't like the colour and decided to accompany us the next morning back to the shop.......At last.......dresses for both of us, including all the accessories, shoes, fasinator, bag, even a pair of earrings each as a gift.........such a relief, just DH to sort out now........

Yesterday it was car shopping with DD - the insurance company have declined the claim as they state there were no flames!! well what ever the orange/yellow crackling streaks were I don't know.... they said we should have left the car and dialled 112 - what ever happened to their theory of damage limitation? and considering the amount of pedestrians, to have left it would have been irresponsible - ok rant over.......

I have made the basic shape for the keepsake box and am concentrating on embroidering the top of the lid
Better get a wriggle on, the time seems to be disappearing

Mr Postie took his time, but DD presented me with more birthday pressies - I do have a kindle but sometimes it is nice to just feel the book and to easily dip in and out 
 Unsettled weather at the moment including storms - a pretty rainbow disappearing behind the church

Another weekend already - whatever you are doing, enjoy
take care


  1. Your socks look fab Chrissie, not sure about the inside out knitting though, maybe it's just the way that pattern is the idea of an embroidered lid on your keepsake box, it will be so pretty.

    Well done on finding your wedding outfits, that must be a great weight off your mind, not too long until the big day now.

    By the way, my blog is no longer private and I've joined the rest of the blogging world was starting to get a little lonely in my corner of blogland, lol.

    Have a lovely weekend, Kim xx

  2. Well done on the sock knitting - but how strange that it turned inside out - hope you can make its mate work the same way then it wont matter. Great that you found your posh frocks and accessories, always a harder thing when there is a short time to find them in. Silly insurance company, but hope you find the right car for her.
    Have a lovely weekend. xx

  3. Great you found your outfit... that is a relief.. now you can just get on and play with your lovely socks! Insurance people are crooks.... (can you tell I don't like them?) the keepsake box is coming along well...

  4. Hello Chrisse

    Your socks look lovely and I DO like the colours. I can't knit .....I've just never got on very well with it as much as my sister has tried to teach me..... I'm definitely a crochet gal LOL!
    Where do you get your yarn? Do you order it from the UK or buy it locally?
    I very rarely go to Benidorm and trying to drive and park in the towm centre is a nightmare. Its like a labyrinth in those streets.
    I am curious about the embroidered lid for your keepsake box and looking forward to seeing it :-)

    keep well

    Amanda :-)