Monday, May 6, 2013

Teeny tinies

The new lower garden is beginning to take shape, the new wall has been finished gaining us about 3-4 feet of usable space.  Roses are in full bloom and all the little wild flowers are creating carpets of colour everywhere.  This is what our vine has suddenly produced
 teeny tiny bunch of grapes forming, amazing as only a few short weeks ago all the vines were just whizened stumps

I finished off a miniature crochet tablecloth, this was using perle 12 cotton, started with a circle and just kept adding rounds
A little bit of recycling by using half a walnut shell for a pin cushion, along with a little cross stitched cushion

Got a special project to make, so off to research some patterns and start designing - problem is I haven't got long to complete it, better go and get on with it
take care


  1. Wow, amazing little bunches of grapes. Hope your new project works out well and within the time frame you have.

  2. Little grapes... so amazing to see them altogether like that.... love your weeny little table set and stitching bits.... have fun researching and making your special project.... hmmmm

  3. Love your little crochet tablecloth and pretty walnut shell pinchushion, I can just imagine the borrowers sneaking them off to their home. Your new project sounds intriguing and just a litttle exciting.
    Kim x