Sunday, January 11, 2015

First post

Happy New year to everyone

The gig NYE was a resounding success, the music quiz went down well and the predicted excidus just after midnight didn't happen because everyone was on the dance floor having a great time.  We also had an invite to return for a future event.  Win, win!!

Daniel, Shine and Leocia took off just after Christmas to visit Madrid, it was a surprise to us and we did feel rather deflated as we were so looking forward to having a full two weeks with them. They did return on the 2nd and on the Saturday all 7 of us went to Maria's restaurant for lunch, which was absolutely heaving so this took all afternoon, but was really enjoyable and I took advantage of having cuddles with Leocia.

As part of Leocia's christmas present I knitted a pretty cardigan/jacket with matching hat

I asked for a photo and Shine decided a fashion show was in order
The hat fitted fine, but the way Leocia is growing I don't think the jacket is going to last very long.  I knitted it for age 6-9 months and she is only just 5 months now!! Big girl!

I had already started to knit another jacket and had finished the back, but decided to undo it all and start again this time for the size 1-2 years

This was Leocia's main present, lots of sounds, textures, music and quite comfortable, and they managed to get it in the suitcase!
Really sad when we had to take them to the airport on the 5th, just have to rely on skype

We have one terrace where in previous years we have turned it into a veggie patch, as long as you plant early and harvest most things before July before everything gets burnt its ok, we also have a water outlet in this area for irrigation.
Apart from keeping the weeds down, for the last 3 years we have not touched this area, with Rebecca's illness and Chris's accident, we had neither the time nor inclination, but this year we decided to clear it and give it another go. We are trying to get our mojo back and enjoy once again the things that were put on the back burner

The weeds were over 7ft high and everything is covered in bind weed, nightmare!
Chris had to go to the town hall to get a burning license and being very careful managed to get rid of the first batch of debris
about a 1/4 of the way there, I can see digging up the bind weed roots is going to be a mission, a slow process being careful we don't overdo it
It's fun thinking of what to plant, but will we get there in time? We are thinking beetroot, spinach, pumpkins etc and perhaps keeping the toms, peppers and the like in the inner courtyard.  We have about 10 types of chilli ranging in heat and colours from chocolate to yellow 
We are having a warm January with temps about 20C which at least makes it quite pleasant to work 

Well, hope you all enjoyed your weekend,
take care


  1. Those five months since Leocia was born have flown. What a lovely photo of you with her.

    1. Thanks Jo, where have the months gone? Before we know it she will be up and about xcx

  2. Glad you had a such a good time all together! Leocia looks very happy indeed. I hope that you enjoy your veggie growing, it will be hard work to clear that patch, but well worth it when you get the results I am sure! xx

    1. Generally Leocia is a happy baby, she enjoys being with everyone and being involved and hates being left in her chair etc. Chris has managed to burn quite a lot of the debris, we have to do it slowly to minimise any danger as although everything is green again, we still have not had significant rainfall. Perhaps I shouldn't have just said that!!! lol I think it will be a case of weeding every day to keep on top of it. xcx

  3. That weeding looks to be very hard work...take care ! and yes...doesn't time fly !

    1. Yes it is, we are doing it slowly and will probably get help in the actual digging all the bind weed roots out xcx