Thursday, January 29, 2015


I use a lot of lemons and several years ago we bought a couple of lemon trees, the one on the terrace is obviously planted in the wrong place and is very sorry for itself and the other is in the courtyard.  It flowers and starts to fruit then somehow loses the will to continue, today I spotted this.....

One lonely little lemon, it would be nice if it would hold on this time.  So it´s a good job that Antoni shinned up his mother´s tree and brought me these

It might seem a strange thing to say, but the fresh lemons taste completely different, almost sweet with full of flavour zest and of course no wax on them.

I did harvest the last of the chillies and have popped them in the freezer ready for use

A friend contacted me a couple of weeks ago asking if I was interested in any embroidery threads. It was rather a sad story as she was selling loads of crafting things for a friends family as she had sadly passed away and they didn´t have a clue as to what to do with boxes and boxes of stash.  The nice thing was the money raised was going to charity.  This is what I bought.....

There are over 350 skeins of thread, mostly DMC and Anchor and some Mayflower, she said she only wanted 10c a skein but as I was having the lot asked for 30 euros, although I did up it to 35e for the good cause.
We have been after some pool side loungers and whilst outing and abouting we spotted a sale on and so stopped to browse.  Unfortunately the loungers were not very comfortable and even the sale prices were extremely high, but I did find these two wonderful little planters with their friendly bugs attached. Couldn´t pass them by as I thought they were fun, so I bought one for Rebecca too, bargain price, they were only 5e each.

Took this photo mainly as a reference, a sort of before and after, the plant really needs repotting but we are afraid it might snap.  It closes up in the heat of the summer to protect itself and as the weather cools you can see it opening up until it does its thing with flowering.
I shall take another photo when it blooms

We have the first of the almond blossom just gently unfurling their petals, very soon the whole valley and surrounding areas will be beautiful candy pink

 take care


  1. Hello Chrissie the first thing I noticed when first visiting Spain was the lemon trees-just couldn't believe how they could grow so profusely! How lovely to have them on your doorstep. Wow what a lot of embroidery skeins, clearly the owner of them was passionate about embroidery. I am sure you will put them to very good use.
    Best wishes
    alison xx

  2. Its lovely to have the lemons to hand, the next valley of Orba and onto Valencia has the orange groves. It was lovely that there were many colours I did not have or I had run them down so my palette boxes are really squeezy full now. Have a great weekend xcx

  3. I wonder why your lemon trees won't fruit. I've never grown citrus plants myself so I don't know the first thing about them, but I've been told that they can be temperamental. Perhaps they're in the wrong place. I think you're going to be very busy with all those embroidery threads. How lovely that they're donating the proceeds to charity. I love your planters, I like quirky things in the garden as I think a garden should be a fun place to be.

  4. I believe you are right, certainly the one on the terrace is poorly situated, I think we are planning to move it to the edge of the veggie patch where there is a water source. I suppose its one of those things where we might ponder on what would happen to our own stashes. I love quirky things in the garden, hiding waiting to be found in the nooks and crannies xcx

  5. I'm not sure of the conversion but it sounds a great bargain to get all those threads... should keep you out of mischief for a while! I love those bug planters... you will smile everytime to see them. Dave and I promised each other a lemon tree last year for our birthdays... I wonder if we will do it this year?

    1. It certainly was just sad it had to come about in the way it did. I just couldn´t pass them by they look so cheeky and such a good price. Nothing like picking your own fruit, hope you get round to getting your trees xcx

  6. How amazing to receive a bowl of fresh lemons, I can only imagine how wonderful they must be!! The embroidery threads are amazing aren't they, you will be able to make all kinds of wonderful things and how thoughtful that the family are using this very sad event to raise some money for charity with the sale of these craft items. xx