Tuesday, March 17, 2015

A little tale of the cat kingdom

Such a nice feeling, being able to open the fridge and have it bulging with fresh goodies and thinking what to have to eat, the new recipe of spinach rice went down well again along with the vibrant stir fry.  
We stopped off this morning on our way back from a doctor's appointment to visit the fish counter so today's lunch was fresh mussels in a white wine sauce, with a zingy salad.  I am determined to shed those extra pounds that have crept on, I know it's going to be hard due to all my levels being all over the place, but with the warmer weather creeping on, portion control and fresh produce it must work, surely??!! any tips gratefully received
I think I may try walking round the block each day too, its up and down hill so must be a bit of a work out, especially for me with the fibro, would be nice to do some yoga too, have to look into that
When Rebecca brought me back home she decided to stay until teatime today, we both felt reassured by being around and I´m pleased to say she is feeling a little better, so she has gone home to be with her girlies (cats)  We have put strategies in place for our comfort zones, discussed possibilities and probabilities, so all is very positive and forward thinking
I posted a photo of this plant on 29.1.15, where I said I would post another when it flowered, I say this because I can´t find the original one, but anyway it looks very pretty and is a haven for the bees who visit it all day long. 
We have a couple of other plants that need to mature, but in some of the high winds their pots were lifted off and smashed to the ground, resulting in broken stems.  I have planted these pieces and they seem to be taking, so, a very positive result as we can now dot these around to find the best growing space for them.
Last night our TV viewing was the football!
I am not a particular fan of sport, but as with all things give and take is in order
Last night it was between Reading and Bradford, an FA 1/4 final replay
Chris has followed Reading forever, and his Dad and Grandad before
In fact his father´s ashes are buried near the goal post
so it was very poignant last night for his team, that has been suffering its struggles, to reach this point.
can you picture the scene, nail biting, edge of seat stuff
various comments of encouragement and then...within minutes.....
Reading score..............roarrrrr, jumping about and other whoooops.......
there were cats flying everywhere from their safe little havens, where they were soundly asleep
wondering what the dickens was going on,
two raced the length of the house for the cat flap only to collide in their rush,
 others looked totally bewildered when they arrived in the dining room
 then decided it was best to see if any goodies were in the food bowl
other ran then turned and glared
they had just settled down again thinking it was safe
they scored again..........
the noise was so deafening it was difficult to register it was from one person
that did it
they all fled
every single one of the 9 - disappeared
have to admit so did Rebecca and I
there was another repeat performance with even more volume when a 3rd goal was scored
It was only after this when things quietened, did peace reign once again in the cat kingdom
goodness only knows what will happen in the semi´s
right, off to do tonight´s dinner
what to have, ooh let´s go and look
take care


  1. Poor cats, I bet they had the fright of their lives. Mick works in Bradford so I'm sure many of the employees will have had long faces after that. Yum, I love mussels, your lunch sounds delicious. I've already started losing some weight by eating more healthily, it's the snacking between meals which is my downfall so it really helps if I cut that out.

    1. Yes they did, they must have been running in their sleep. They go to collect the fish everyday and there are some really weird and wonderful ones too. I think some more smoothies to help the dips in the day might help me enjoy your weekend xcx

  2. haha.... I can just imagine all that.... ...

    1. Shame I didn't have the video rolling lol xcx

  3. Lots of positive strategies for healthy living here Chrissie..and the mussels sound great ! I'm sure the football match watching must have been emotional...of course, here in Hebden Bridge, locals were cheering for Bradford....but coped well with defeat, just delighted to have got so far. Anyway, happy, walking/yoga and healthy eating to you all. Jx

    1. Slow old process, but if it creeps on then goes to say it will only creep off! Think my juicer is complaining a bit, hope it holds out xcx