Sunday, March 20, 2016

Sharing our news

Hello everyone, rather a long break, for all sorts of reasons, perhaps most of all, just because!  Wow one whole year just seems to have zipped past and disappeared.

I´m sure I shall flip back to some events, but I thought you may like to share in our news,
We have been very busy these last three months, planning and crafting, organising

Chris and I have just got married

First we went to Gibraltar in February, getting married in Spain was proving very difficult, every document had to be translated and stamped, the time was taking an age and it was getting stressful, so we opted for Gibraltar for the legalities.  It was very easy, and even though there were no frills, we still enjoyed the ceremony, with Rebecca walking me in to the room and giving us the rings.
So with Chris´s brother, best friend, Rebecca and Antoni we had a picnic on the balcony then a photo shoot down on the beach.

We were going to visit the monkeys etc on the rock but the cable car was being refurbished, best thing as it turns out as we organised a private tour with an excellent guide and had a lovely time.

We also visited St Michael´s caves, which were outstandingly beautiful.  I really do not do tunnels or caves etc but was determined to go in, it was wonderful, they hold concerts there and the lighting systems made it magical.  When I touched the rocks I was surprised to feel it was very warm, there was a polished stalactite and the energy was amazing.
We only took video so will have to take off some stills.
We also visited the tunnels, hacked out by the soldiers, the history was very interesting but I did not enjoy these as much, in contrast the stone was so cold to touch and quite hostile.

So moving into March

On Monday we had a blessing in our little chapel in the Ermita, with family and friends, it was so beautiful, very emotional and we consider this to be our ´wedding´, 

Rebecca, Antoni, Daniel, Shine and Leocia, lovely flower girl, Chris´s Mum and sister

Well perhaps I should call a halt here before you all get bored
So after 41 years 1 month and 5 days since Chris first proposed, through parental intervention, life and circumstances we finally tied the knot

Here is the link to our albelli photo book if you are interested

so where ever you are take care


  1. Beautiful photos Chrissie.

    Yes I know about Spanish can be painfully slow. :-)

    keep well

    Amanda xx

    1. Thank you, we didn't know if we had the chapel till a couple of days before, nail biting, every one duck shoving and delaying tactics. Still it was beautiful in the end xcx

  2. Congratulations!!!!! I hope that you have even more happy years of marriage than you have had happy years since the first proposal!!! xx

  3. Thank you Amy. It's a long story, but due to both father's intervention and circumstances we only got back together in 2002, so yes, looking forward to many years xcx

  4. Oh Chrissie, what lovely pictures of a very happy occasion.... It's so great to see you and I feel I have met you now.... thank you for sharing these. Not sure why but the link to see the other pics wasn't working for me

    1. Thank you Fiona, glad you liked them, some more to come too. Not sure why the link doesn't work, will have a look at it xcx

  5. It's an age since I have blogged and I'm just playing catch up now, so I am doubly delighted to find such a happy and beautiful blog post as one of the first I read! Many, many congratulations....funny, my own blog post after an age is called 'About time' - rather good for you too!! Axxx

  6. Thank you, Lol yes you are right been a while coming. I too have had a rather long break and thought it would be a nice post to return. Some more to come including some of the decorations we have made. xcx

  7. Lovely to see you back again, and with some wonderful news. Many congratulations. The photos are fabulous, you look radiant and very happy.

    1. Thanks Jo, been a while! Certainly been a rather hectic three months of planning, designing and crafting, then in a flash its all over! Have a great weekend xcx