Monday, March 28, 2016

The way it was

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Our Wedding Photo Book Online

We met in 1971 at the local youth club, shall I divulge the ages, oh yes ok then,
 I was 14, very shy, and interested in the weight training team events, but did notice this boy who kept walking from the table tennis room through the main hall,
  Chris was 16 , we clicked as they say, he would leave his 6th form school and walk to meet me from school, shedding the blazer, due to the competition between the two schools and walking me home, oh the bliss of youth

A few hic ups along the way but Chris proposed in 1975, New years eve  and we were on our way, Chris was doing an engineering apprentiship (which he hated) and really wanted to be a  musical   entertainer, we ended up being a duo, touring in our local area to fit in with work, even gigs in Wandsworth prison officers mess, (that was an experience all on its own), but things got in the way, parental concerns over a musical career and fathers intervention meant a huge tear and we were torn apart.

Life has its way of dealing the cards, I married and had my two beautiful wonderful children, Chris ended up in New Zealand due to his musical contracts, our two families kept in touch, we were finally reunited in 2002 with the realisation that it was others not ourselves that drove the split.

Chris came back to the UK for a school reunion, his Mum said to contact me and that as they say was it.  However lives built abroad needed to be addressed and so it wasnt until 2003 we were reunited with a rainbow. In NZ, Chris had this storm followed by a wonderful rainbow, he said it was a sign, then a couple of hours later he received a phone call saying his Dad had passed.  He came back for the funeral and never returned. Hence the rainbow connection
so before you all nod off, this was to be the theme of our wedding, great excuse to include so much colour!!

 the table decorations, made from mason jars with lace and sprinkles

 our butterfly mobiles with rainbow colours
Tiny Suffolk puffs around foam spheres, ruched organza puffs, wooden hearts, cut, painted and decorated, lots of balloons, two bird cages filled with statice and gyp, sprinkles and crystals

I also made the pew ends from statice, sage, rosemary and gyp

On the table in front of the altar sat a remembrance candle which I stood in a glass bowl surrounded by amethyst crystals we were asked to light this and take a few moments to reflect on those unable to be present.
I had had the fore thought to put little royal blue organza bags with tissues in on the pews, just in case!

We decided to sing one of the songs we sang back in 1975,
I´ll never find another you by The Seekers

We collected the vibrant bougainvillea flowers and dried them along with some roses and lavender, made some cones from doilles and filled them for confetti, worked brilliantly

I also made spheres from different coloured yarns for decorations

On our return from Gibraltar we had another vibrant rainbow, another sign?

I found the two bird cages in a Chinese bazaar for 14e and just filled them up

I made the cakes, both sponge, one chocolate, the other lemon, there was very little left
Enough for now!?

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Hope you all enjoyed your Easter break
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  1. Oh Chrissie - youi could be a wedding coordinator... how lovely and what a lot of lovely things you made... I just love that you sang that song too.... the photo's are great and this is my favourite fairy tale love story ever.... thanks for sharing

  2. What is lovely, is that because I used statice and this dries naturally, I now have lots of vibrant flowers around the house without the worry of watering them. I shall get to have another go as I am making different decorations for Rebecca's wedding in September, using her colours of cadburys purple and lilac. Glad you enjoyed the story, thank you for reading xcx

  3. What a lovely story, you were obviously meant to be together. As I looked through your album I thought how colourful everything was and now I know why, you did a great job with all the decorations.

    1. So glad you liked the album, I am so pleased we did the blessing and could make it our own colourful celebration. Gibraltar was really the rubber stamp. It was fun thinking of the decorations and making them and nice we did it together. xcx