Thursday, March 9, 2017

Wild orchids

This is lovely time of year here with all the wild flowers coming out, wonderful shades of greens and everything looking fresh and healthy. Unlike the middle summer months with the high temps and lack of water making everything curl up, turn brown and protect themselves.
We have some beautiful wild orchids growing on one of the bancales

We have also been having some spectacular sunsets, which Chris has been delighted to capture
This one is very Lion King
Thomas playing in the tree

One of the ladies at the miniatures club expressed a wish to make a 1/12th scale greenhouse, so Chris ever ready for a challenge, made plans and has partially built one. Yesterday he bricked the walls and today is making the door and hinged windows.
Glazing should be fun!

Rebecca is visiting Antoni in the UK at the moment, but I think the cold, rain and dreary grey skies, all the hussle and bustle too are a bit of a shock to the system. So glad the sun has decided to come out here at last, yesterday was about 25C, bit warmer today. yeah!
take care


  1. The orchids are so pretty... it's amazing how some plants just grow out in the middle of nowhere..... love thesun set picture with your very own lion king.... looking forward to seeing how Chris gets on with the greenhouse and hope Rebecca has a lovely time...

  2. Chris has fitted the windows and door now, just the glazing then we can fit it out with the benches and potting items. Rebecca and Antoni have now moved on to Nottingham for a new contract, never been so it will be interesting. xcx

  3. The orchids are beautiful. I always think that everywhere looks so fresh in spring, the greenery just zings as it's all so new. My goodness, that sunset certainly does look like something out of The Lion King, especially with Thomas prowling amongst the branches of the tree. Chris has designed my dream greenhouse, what I'd give for a full scale model.

    1. The orchids are just random on the bancales, its a wonder the wild boar haven´t dug them up before now. Chris made the frame in mahogany which I think just makes it, I agree with you, I had a poly tunnel at the farm useful but not a patch if this was the real thing.