Monday, March 13, 2017

What a difference........

a day 24 hours we have gone from 28C, beautiful blue skies to 7C raging storms and lashing rain.  We have weather watch groups here so we were warned to batten down the hatches, but my goodness, when it rains, it rains.

It started last night with crashing thunder and zig zagging lightning over head, losing satellite and turning off computers and routers. Then the rain started, we left it to get on with it and retired to bed. Then in the night I awoke to the awful acrid smell of smoke in the bedroom, that was a heart thumper. On investigation we found that the rain and wind had made the log burner blow back and filled the house with smoke. We had to open the lounge, landing and our bedroom windows to get an air flow, not the most pleasant experience in the middle of the night, cold and wet.  It cleared enough to close the windows, but this morning the smell was still quite strong.

It was miniature club today and although the rain wasn´t too bad up here, by the time we got down the mountain it was absolutely throwing it down, and continued to do so for our journey, the rest of the morning and on our way back up, visability was about 50m, not very pleasant. Amazing how everything suddenly turned into raging torrents, along the road sides, rivers down the roads and huge puddles spanning the roads. At home our lounge terrace was 4" underwater, the kitchen courtyard about 3" and some of the driveway has been washed away. Not too bad and with the log burner going again we are quite toasty.

This was today´s project

Decoupage butterflies.
A base print of butterflies then cutting out and adding each individual one on top and curling their wings to make it 3D.
It was very fiddly and eye boggling, but very effective.

I had a call from Rebecca yesterday, she is in Nottingham at the moment, asking me to guess what they had just found..... It was a Kitty Café, they had to book a table for later as it was so busy and when they returned they delighted in being able to spend an hour with so many furries, all shapes, colours and sizes, all playing, sleeping or relaxing around the customers. With toys, cat trees, walkways and entertainment areas. As they were missing their own two furry girls, it was a lovely for them to have hands on.
Apparently it is a rescue centre and adoption agency for rehoming the cats with wonderful food.
What a brilliant concept, the kitchen is sealed behind glass so there are no paws helping and the entrance fee allows them to look after the cats until there are rehomed.

 Their cat trees are brilliant, Daddy can you make us one pleasssssssse............!!!!!!

Oh well off to make kebabs for dinner
take care


  1. oh my gosh your butterfly collection is amazing..... what delicate work. Scary with the storms like that ... I'm just waiting for some rain to get here but it won't be anything like yours... at least I hope not. Smoke smell is really sticky isn't it.... I'm so glad it was just blowing in though...

    1. Thank you Fiona, was a bit eye boggling but effective. It did it again today and upon inspection we found a huge hole in the pipe, engineer out tomorrow! xcx

  2. Oh my goodness, that must have been so scary waking to the smell of smoke. I hope the storms have passed now, we're having some lovely weather at the moment, I just hope it continues. I've heard about those Kitty Cafes before, they're such a good idea. I shall have to look out for that one when we visit Eleanor in Nottingham again.

  3. Yes it was Jo and the smell still lingers. The threatened rain for the week has not appeared and the sun has come out again. I thought the kitty cafes were a brilliant idea too xcx