Thursday, January 25, 2018

In the pink

We have had some lovely warm tee shirt and shorts weather recently, even a few nights without lighting the log burner. Mildest winter for 20 years so they say. This produces some beautiful sunsets
and with 9 furries some one always gets in on the act.

This time is was Monster, posing quite happily
I have enjoyed sitting in the Naya, in the sun just relaxing, I caught some horrible tummy bug last weekend which laid me low, so the warmth and rays were welcome.
Quite a change from last year as we had lots of snow at this time.  The almond blossom is making its appearance slightly early, always beautiful pink and white hue to the landscape

Although they are forecasting a gotafria style storm over the weekend, so just hope it doesn't get knocked off before its begun.

We have just had 5 cubic meters of logs delivered, a huge pile! It takes about 30 wheelbarrow loads to get it from the drive into the wood shed, we did 10 yesterday so a third of the way, must be done before the weekend though, just in case, no sense in getting it wet.

Have fun
take care


  1. Shorts and T-shirt weather? I just don't want to know! I thought things were getting better here as the forecast at the weekend looked quite good but we've had wind and rain, please send us some of your weather. Lovely photos and how Monster has grown from that little kitten, awwww.

  2. Yes amazing, I´m sure we shall be in for a surprise soon though! Last night we had sea mists rolling in and hid the mountains, did look quite pretty though floating along the valleys. Monster is now number 3 in the size steaks lol xcx

  3. Dear Chrissie
    Some gorgeous photos - skies, cats and blossom (three wonderful subjects!) Monster is so beautiful.
    Best wishes

    1. The blossom is really spectacular and this year it is coming out pink. Some years its more white. Having nine curries there is always willing for a photo shoot.xcx

  4. gosh such warm weather all of a sudden.... but still thinking about enough wood... that's good exercise moving that lot...
    love those beautiful photo's...

    1. It certainly was, ended up with about 40 barrow loads, it was very good wood too, a nice mixture. Xcx