Thursday, November 1, 2018

Finished projects

I have finally got round to taking some photos of the projects for Baby.
The hooded bathrobe with matching wash cloth is really soft and made with 100% cotton

This blanket was quite theraputic to knit being a repeat pattern of 12 rows
Nearly finished the other blanket, I don´t think you can have too many you just never know what will be spilt on them

Chris had a gig yesterday at Maria´s restaurant, we first met this Dutch couple four years ago and Chris has played for the husbands birthday every year.
We have lots of visitors to the restaurant, regulars who enjoy the atmosphere and the cooking on just an open fire pit. All sorts of nationalities too, they soon get used to the winding, meandering road, it is quite narrow in places, but the views are spectacular, just don´t look down!
It was a long day as he started playing at 2.30 and although he had a lunch break he continued on till 7.45, still everyone enjoyed the party, he just can´t move today.

Poor Thomas has a rupture in his ear and has had to visit the vets three times already
unfortunately he does not travel well in the car and rather disgraces himself
He certainly isn´t a happy furry, but perhaps he can tell you all about it

take care


  1. i love your baby blankets... I agree cannot have too many. the cotton one with the washcloth will be so lovely and soft. Poor Thomas... having a hard time! haha

    1. Thank you Fiona, I bought some bamboo but didn´t notice that it was mixed with acrylic, so not sure if it will be ok for another robe xcx

  2. Poor Thomas. Be a brave boy, let them look after you and then everything will soon be back to normal. (Millie knows what it is like, travelling in a car to the vet's, she has a similar problem.)

    The blankets are beautiful, love those colours and textures. I hope Chris is feeling better today.

    1. Hi Elaine, to make matters worse, this morning Thomas having been kept away from food etc was ut into the carrier, then the car wouldn´t start, flat battery. Wind up!! new appointment for Monday now. I have enjoyed making the blankets with different patterns on each of them. Thank you, yes Chris can move today lol xcx

  3. Awww, poor Thomas, he looks thoroughly fed up with himself. I hope the operation will help him. It's awful when they don't travel well on top of everything else, he must be feeling very miserable. The baby things are lovely, there'll be steam coming off your needles now until the baby is born.

    1. Hi Jo, yes I think so, and sore fingers lol but worth it. Thomas is a bit of a whimp too, he doesn´t do pain very well and cries :-( now he has to wait till Monday xcx

  4. Poor Thomas … and reading through your comments, he had to wait until yesterday, hope all went well.

    The baby things are so lovely :)

    All the best Jan

  5. Hi Jan, Thank you I´m having fun knitting them. Yes poor Thomas, his op has been postponed for another week too, so it was another drain and jab, it doesn´t seem to be bothering him too much, either that or he has got used to it! xcx

  6. WOW, that is a really really long day. Hope you get some rest. LOVE the pretty purple blanket. Looks so warm and cuddly. Your robe and cloth will make a wonderful gift as well.
    Sandy's Space

  7. 0mg, the video's are so lovely. When I was at home, many, many moons ago I had a cat called Sandy who looked exactly like Thomas. He had what we then called a cauliflower ear. He was a fighter and probably this was the cause. Poor Thomas, I hope it is soon healed.