Saturday, November 20, 2010

Cross stitch projects

Today is part two of chookblue's cross stitch projects, what I forgot about was the time difference, so I am 'late' but have put some piccies up anyway. You seem to ignore them, taking them for granted being on the walls and it was only when looking at what to post that I realised how many there were, so I didn't want to bore you and chose a few.

When I saw this pattern is was so a must have - possibly every crafters sentiment!?

Another Lavender and Lace with the Angel of Hope, I stitched this one at the same time as secretly stitching the Angel of Summer for DD so that I could use it as a distraction for her as she used to return home from college and come looking to see what I was stitching.

This one I thought depicted a lovely scene and at the time we had just been given some geese and had chickens at the farm.

Hardanger, another technique I really enjoy

I adapted this pattern to personalise it for my parent's 50th golden wedding anniversary, they were really pleased with it and it used to sit on their sideboard.


  1. beautiful work....thank you for sharing

  2. More lovely treasures .... many thanks for sharing with us!

  3. Beautiful the Hardanger...that saying is hilarious!

  4. Such beautiful fine work.... hardanger - I knew there was a name for what I tried!!
    I love those stitcheries Chrissie....

  5. beautiful.......never done hardanger..........wished I had someone to show me.......
    lovely works.........

  6. Hi Chrissie.I love your work it is Beautiful I have added your name in my giveaway good luck.
    Hugs Mary.