Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Miniature jewellry and sunsets

A busy week, sadly DS returned to the UK but we look forward to seeing him out again at Christmas. We sent him off with a shopping list for a few christmas goodies.

Today we went to Miniature club, we have a different venue, the Cultural centre in Pedregur, its quite a way for us but very nice. We had a split group with some finishing off the jewellry chest with DH and the others making the tiny jewellry with me. It was a very nice morning, as a group it was decided to make a street for an exhibition, the Victorian period was chosen, with everyone deciding on their own scene or shop. One way to while away the winter hours!?

We have been caught in the tail end of a weather system that covered the southern half of the UK, its been blowing a gale up here, trees bending, plant pots whizzing about, its amazing how winds like this suck out the water in the pool. Suddenly there was an eerie glow and DH caught the sunset behind the Casita and our summer kitchen.

Then towards the mountain

I had a lovely surprise in our post box today, a pattern from Cheryl Goss from Willowberry Designs. I was lucky enough to receive this from one of her giveaways, so thank you Cheryl. I tried to take a piccie but after all the excitment of the sunsets the camera had died so I must wait for it to charge.

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  1. The sunset pictures are very effective - lovely colours....