Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Fun was had by all at the Halloween party, with many in costume, fire eaters and more. It was held in caves which added to the spookyness.

Monday we all went for lunch at one of the restaurants on the other side of the mountain, its quite a climb even in the car, but at the top the views are quite spectacular. The day was bright, sunny and clear and we could see the islands of Ibiza and Majorca in the distance. The lads had already decided to try the traditional Moroccan tagine, which you have to preorder as it takes a long time. It is a type of slow cooker, made from clay and glazed. The funnel style lid fits inside the rim of the base and all the condensation created returns to the pan, this one was lamb with spices, huge raisins and whole almonds, absolutely scrummy.

I thought I would show a little clutch bag I made using the cut away method with layers of different coloured organza, with bead embellishment. The base material was a satin skirt of my Mum's, so I suppose that's a little repurposing too. I was lucky enough to have been given button blanks in various sizes so I did beaded buttons for a bit of bling.


  1. Great halloween stuff on your previous blog and this bag is clever too.
    Wonder if I know which Restaurant you are talking about?

  2. I always love seeing your lovely makes - and this bag is no exception - lovely...