Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Daffs, furries and stringing

what a lovely surprise in the post, DS had sent a parcel of some Earl Grey decaff tea that we can't get here and some seeds, also inside the parcel was a cardboard tube, quite heavy and well wrapped. Carefully undoing it revealed the contents, 2 bunches of daffodils. DS knows they are my favourite flower and we don't have them out here, what a sweet thoughtful surprise.

some of our furries investigating what is usually a stiff reed type plant that has suddenly produced these wonderful looking flowers. They resemble fushia flowers in their appearence, but they transform the whole plant into something quite unique.

I decided to use some fabric from the stash, not my usual colour, but bright and cheerful anyway. I even remembered the stringing method, which delighted the furries as they tried to get the swinging tails off the ironing board

Whilst I was at it I cut out some more diamonds, always handy for those moments when you can't get too involved with something

I was really pleased with the pieced material, I even managed to get the squares all lined up, so was chuffed

Just have to make it up now.........

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  1. The furries are so funny all looking together ... how cute.... I have a similar plant - have no idea what it is.... pretty patching.... and always feel good to use stash...