Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Diamonds are forever

It's been unusually hot for a few days and after going to town and the market on Saturday where we bought various vegetable pluglets we noticed a huge plume of smoke in the next valley. It was caused by someone not being vigulent when burning and resulted in the village being evacuated and half the mountain ablaze. There were a couple of other fires in the area too so burning licences have been put on hold during the dry weather.

The mimosa trees are all out in bloom, these are everywhere including along the banks of the motorway which creates a lovely colourful hue as you travel along. I remember my Mum always bought Grandma mimosa in the spring, I remember too the heady scent, they would have loved to see it growing so naturally and wild.

I have been playing with diamonds, which like topsy grewed and grewed, I don't know what they will become, I think I shall have to wait and see how many I get before running out of the materials.

I also finished the bodice of the gown, although DH seems to make the dolls quicker than I can dress them lol

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  1. Sorry not been in touch - I have been without the internet at home for four weeks tomorrow! <> Telefonica! Have to come to Pamela´s to get a fix every now and then. They saw that fire from their home in Murla/Orba---and got a lot of the ash as well.
    Love all the great things you have both made.
    Hope to be in "proper" touch soon.