Monday, April 25, 2011

Odds and ends and millinery

I had a lovely day on Friday, wonderful company, a smashing lunch and some lovely presents. DS, DD and her boyfriend had the opportunity of guest tickets to one of their favourite bands in Barcelona (a four hour drive away) which turned out to be Friday night not Saturday, they really wanted to go but didn't want to spoil my day, a really sweet thought but as they were not leaving until early evening (the band wasnt on until the wee hours) and I had had their company all day I persuaded them to go. So it was a good day for all.

We are having a rainy spell, mustn't grumble though as we desperately need it. We have been over run by weeds in the cactus garden but the ground resembles rock and it is impossible to get them out, but after a day of chores on Saturday, Sunday I decided to have a play....
I made this odds and ends pot using felt and an empty can

Then I decided to try my hand at millinery, using card as the base and twine and a few feathers, I was quite pleased with the result

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