Saturday, June 18, 2011


Yesterday was hot 30C and very still, we decided mid afternoon to visit a restaurant for a drink on the other side of our Bernia range of mountains. The restaurant has recently been opened by our neighbours so we also wanted to support them.
The road twists and turns with hair pin bends, spectacular views and usually very little traffic, but these are the views when you get there. Sitting relaxing with a cold drink looking out on that can't really be beaten.

They were very quiet and we joined them for a chat, bearing in mind they are spanish we all tried to communicate and although DH's spanish is better than mine, our spanish is poco poco but we had a very enjoyable couple of hours using their little english, spanglish and our little spanish. They were pleased to display one of the exhibition posters which was nice and discussed the possibility of DH doing a gig there one Sunday lunch time, that would be fun and wonderful surroundings toboot

DS, DD and boyfriend had gone away for the night to a campsite near Valencia with huge lake and lots of outdoor amenities/sports so we had a quiet evening to ourselves.


  1. How lovely to spend an afternoon in the warm sun looking at those views... you have to have felt refreshed.... I would have loved to listen to the 'conversation'....

  2. Spectacular views. That is a lovely way to spend some relaxing time.