Wednesday, June 1, 2011

mini knit

Very variable weather at the moment, one minute sun and warm the next rain and chilly, oh well nothing for it but to crack on with the 16 pairs of curtains. I mentioned previously a finish -
here is the little jumper knitted on 1mm needles and one ply wool, he looks quite comfy and cozy in it doesn't he?

have a good day in whatever you choose to do


  1. Oh my my my.... I never even thought you got such tiny needles and wool... it looks fantastic and no ways is he going to be cold...
    Gosh I would love to see these all in real life...

  2. I am like Fiona - would love to see these in real life. A shame to be so far away.
    What patience to knit such a tiny garment with such fine needles and wool.