Thursday, June 16, 2011


A definite lack in the creating department apart from decorating some of DD's birthday presents. It was a beautiful day and we all went to our local restaurant for lunch, we were able to do a few 'sillies' for the table and some balloons for her chair. As I've said before it is a long leisurely afternoon, so we took some of her pressies with us to add to the fun. She was delighted with all her gifts and ......

loved her cake. I made the chocolate leaves and coffee chocolate icing then popped some nasturinams (sp!) on to finish with some candles, we had this in place of dessert and was yummy. We left a chunk for the girls at the restaurant to enjoy as they had been so accommodating. DD's day wasn't finished as they all went off to an all night party for more fun. For one of her present DD's boyfriend gave her a lovely carved memory box and I think she had quite a few to put in the box from the day.

Two of the street terraces have been finished and Debra from the club brought her finished boxes, a butcher, grocer and jewellers. We have two more terraces to finish and two weeks to do it in before the exhibition!

Other shops will include millinery, books, habadashery, bakers, photographers, 12 all together, should make a good display.

Have fun whatever you choose to do


  1. Sounds like a great birthday and the cake looks yummy!
    The village scene, photographed with the hills in the background is SPECTACULAR!!!
    I shall definitely be visiting it in person at the exhibition :)

  2. A lovely day.. and the gifts do look so prettily wrapped... your market street looks great... how clever to do a mountain view picture...