Saturday, September 3, 2011


We had a little trip out yesterday down to our nearest coastal town, Calpe looking for supplies. This town is a magnet for all the holiday makers and in the height of the summer it is impossible to park, the roads are congested and basically you don't go unless you really have to. Well they must have all gone home because we could park, drive around and although still busy it was much more comfortable.

They have been revamping the town, building roundabouts and generally causing mayhem, but walking along we passed this bush in flower, not sure whether it is a hibiscus or how you spell it lol but it was very beautiful and as most other plants have frazzled in the heat it was lovely to see.

Weekend again, the weather has cooled slightly so maybe even some stitching will be done!?
Enjoy your weekend whatever you are doing


  1. Yes that is a lovely Hibiscus Chrissie.

  2. It does look like a hibiscus. Over here we tend to have a lot of double flowers and frilly flowers for gardens. I love the simple look of this one.
    I looked up Calpe on Google maps and the beach looks lovely.