Monday, September 5, 2011

Playing games

As we went coastal on Friday, Sunday we decided to go up into the mountains, rugged, majestic, craggy and somehow different every time we go up there, changing moods of the weather effecting the colours, shadows and feel of them. Of course we had to stop for refreshments and had lunch over looking the view. It was a bit blowy at times but warm and our lunch very nice. The menu del dia started with a large salad with two tapas dishes, bread and allioli, by which time we were feeling quite full and wondering how we would fit in the next course, a lovely paella. Every one does their paella differently so you never know quite what you will be getting, suffice to say it was very tasty. DH even had room for a blackcurrent cheesecake, but I chose the melon.

We began playing a little game of searching for faces and shapes in the craggy surfaces of the mountain, we found a frog, bear, lion, seal, Merlin, a snakes face, and in the little outcrop you can see in the picture was the face of an ape from the Planet of the Apes films. You will probably have to zoom in a bit but it is certainly there. I did mention this fact to one of the owners (who is our neighbour in the village) I'm sure she thought I was barmy lol

After all the lunch, tea was a very simple piece of toast, no room for anything else!
Hope you all had an enjoyable weekend, here we go with another week.....


  1. What amazing scenery... I tried hard to find all those animals in the rocks!! Love the menu... must try my hand at a paella again...

  2. Such a beautiful view, and the meal sounds scrumptious.