Sunday, September 7, 2014

Baking and pentagons

We took advantage of Holland and Barretts penny sale and placed an order with them. This is where you can buy certain items and get the second for 1 penny. I know health foods etc are always expensive, but here they seem to be double the price, with limited range.  This may be different in the large cities but certainly here is becomes prohibitive. The great thing is we can order as much, or little, as we wish all for the delivery charge of £6.95. Considering we have received one large box with another still to arrive, makes this charge very reasonable.

We decided to purchase Dove's farm gluten/wheat free flour and Rebecca and I set about making some carrot, walnut and raisin muffins.  The mix was slightly wetter than usual but the actual taste was lovely, light, moist and moreish!
We shared them out so Rebecca could take some home and the rest certainly didn't last very long!

So last night I made some goat cheese and onions muffins

The goat chesse has a milder flavour than I guess cheddar would have but they were still tasty.  Wish we had bought a couple more packets, but there's always next time

I have been playing with pentagons and first I decided to use a 4" one with only 6 different fabrics doubled up, but soon realised just how big they were going to come out, so for the next one I reduced it to 2" and chose 12 fabrics, much better size and without two fabrics together.

Thought these would be ideal for the little ones and could be used for quite a few games
I found Amber, or furry purry as she is known, completely at home, nestled in one of the fabric drawers, didn't have the heart to turf her out
 Hope you are having a great weekend
take care 


  1. A penny sale sounds a good bargain if you get two almost the price of one... your baking looks lovely. Cats always find a fabric basket don't they? how lovely are your little pieced balls ...

    1. It's especially good for expensive things like evening primrose capsules etc means Rebecca and I can get one each. I quite enjoyed making the balls, thought they would be good for indoor games xcx