Monday, September 8, 2014

Our girls

Seven years ago today we found our 'girls', Tammy and Lucy. Two tiny kittens about 5 weeks old that were hiding under a bush near the pool  Obviously very hungry and not understanding why their Mum hadn't come home, sadly she never did.  We encouraged them from beneath the bush with food and brought them inside.

We had only been over here for 7 weeks and were not even thinking about another cat, (we had brought one with us) but as seems to be the way animals find you and it's meant to be.  It was a bit touch and go a few times with them but they soon thrived and grew

Here they are today, very happy and contented, and much larger! lol, Tammy follows us around, loves to be carried and is very jealous if we say hello to the other cats. Definately a daddies girl.  She was by far the smaller of the two, but that didn't stop her fooling us.  We were waiting to get them 'fixed' but the vet wouldn't 'do' them until they started calling, so we waited, Lucy began to call so she was done, but Tammy just didn't so we waited.  She had other ideas and one night went awol, yup you've guessed it off she went looking for a boyfriend, that sweet little butter wouldn't melt face was determined not to let us know before she had done something about it and produced three kittens herself..  We homed two and kept one

and that's how we ended up with four cats, how we ended up with a total of 8 is another story, opps, no 9 as Tom Ginger has adopted us now

take care


  1. Awww, just look at those little faces. We used to have a cat, we got him before we had kids and he passed away when Daniel was nine. We decided to get another cat before we got Archie but Daniel was so allergic that we had to take her back, he was having asthma attacks. It's so weird as the cat we had never bothered him. I miss having a cat around, they're such lovely animals, and funny too.

  2. Oh such a shame when one of the family is allergic to the cats, I am not a dog person at all but love the independent style of cats. My Mum used to react to cats fur but she loved them, so she tried siamese as they only have one coat not the usual 2, rather like the spanish cats and found it didn't upset her. Perhaps worth a try!.xcx

  3. oh my goodness... all those mad cat lady jokes must be aimed at you!!! haha... such sweet faces... lovely colouring...

    1. lol yes probably! however Chris is worse, definitely his fur babies xcx