Thursday, September 18, 2014


Tuesday was a very special day, I boarded a plane in Alicante in the late afternoon  case packed with goodies, oh and a few clothes, if i run out i shall just have to go shopping lol,   and three hours later I was having my first ever cuddle with my beautiful new granddaughter and her daddy of course.
Such a strange sensation as Shine said here we are go to grandma as I associate that name to my grandma and my mum, but here I was suddenly in that role, it will take a bit of getting used to.
Yesterday evening we went out for a bite to eat and Leocia was fast asleep just as Shine returned with her meal she woke for a feed. As mums know adjusting to snatching a few minutes in between demands can be challenging, but as soon as she had finished I took her so they could enjoy the rest of the meal in peace. Was there an ulterior motive, yep you bet as I got a lovely half hour of humming and swaying to the background music and storing up memories whilst gazing down at my beautiful girl who was desperately fighting with her eyelids, but in the end it was Grandma 1, Leocia 0 :-)

Rebecca and Antoni also caught a flight Tuesday heading off for an adventure of their own, but they were landing at Bristol.  Antoni discovered a few months ago that he had a half sister so after corresponding with emails etc they decided to meet for the first time. She lives in Bristol so that was ideal.  There was a little trepidation all round, but thanks to the emails any awkwardness disappeared and they had a lovely evening. They are staying for three days, meeting Daisy for most of them before getting the coach to join us in Exeter.

 Gosh, what an emotional rollercoaster for us all as we are all getting used to our new roles and the family is expanding. such a shame Chris couldn't be with us, but thank goodness for Skype.

I shall have to wait until Antoni arrives to learn how to put photos on my tablet as he is the computer whizz. Just wish he would do it a little slower so I can take the instructions on board lol.
Take care xcx


  1. OH congratulations! I'm a bit behind with blogging and reading but this is such a lovely post to return to as I start to catch up! Your delight is evident but I can't wait to see some photos too! Come on Antoni!! Axxx

    1. How wonderful. It's lovely seeing the photos and seeing her on Skype, but there's no substitute for a cuddle. Have a fabulous time and make the most of every minute you get to spend with her. Glad things went well with Antoni and his half sister, I watch Long Lost Family, it's amazing how relatives can find each other after a whole lifetime.

    2. Certainly worth the wait to get here. I brought the video camera so will be able to capture memories. They are having a baby shower/welcome party on Sunday so it will be great to film that too. Xcx

  2. Oh wow... you got some cuddles.. that is wonderful.... did you cry? I cry at first cuddles...