Friday, February 20, 2015

Ouch - the week that was

What a week! The gas tank needed filling up, the leccie bill from over Christmas period came in, a 5cubic metre load of logs were delivered, also a tanker of water for the house

If that wasn't enough, the pump for the dirty water system has packed up,although it seems it can be refurbished rather than replaced (phew), but we need a tanker to clean out the pit,  the water pump in the Casita isn't working and some how, some where all the water from its depositos has disappeared, which means another tanker of water for them before we can sort out the problem.

To cap it all despite our best efforts of finding out why the dishwasher wasn't working, the plumber has discovered its pump has died.  Apparently he said most of it is due to the very high calcium levels in the water here, everything just furs up and pumps, machines etc,  only last about 5 years! Great! Just have to buy a pair of marigolds.

Oh and because of all the very high winds we have had in the last few weeks, the level in the pool has dropped by about a foot, the wind just seems to whip it up and sucks it out, so we will need another tanker of water to top it up again.

So looking forward to next week for my massage, going to need it by then.

Never mind, it's the weekend, just carry on crafting :-)
Enjoy the weekend whatever you may be doing
take care


  1. It seems that everything happens at once. I think you'll definitely be needing that massage.

  2. You are right Jo, its been ganging up on us lol xcx

  3. Yes, I think you do need that massage!!


  4. Oh dear! How is it that all these things come together! One thing - it might mean that you don't have any more of them for a while!! Let us hope so! xx

  5. So sorry to hear you had such a bad week - sometimes all these things seem to happen at once, don't they? Fingers crossed this week is better for you. :)

    1. Hi, gets it all out of the way I suppose, so far nothing else least we have nice log fire to keep us warm. Xcx

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