Monday, April 25, 2016

A lovely day

It was my birthday on Friday, I had a lovely day with some wonderful gifts.  Thought you might like to see why I was shooed out of On the Rocks in Altea the other day.

Chris gave me a beautiful heart shaped necklace and bracelet, both amethyst

Along with lovely flowers and a card, rather special as it was to A special Wife

Rebecca gave me a set of beautiful crystals, set with a spiral that are interchangable.
One was a clear quartz, a rather powerful crystal good for healing and grounding, an amethyst, good for protection and a rose quartz, for love, especially for loving yourself, something we all probably have trouble with.
She also have me two hearts, one rose quartz and the other amethyst, (maybe a theme going on here!)
They are so tactile and when held up to the light, they have beautiful markings inside, one even looks like a bird on a perch.
They are both so smooth and energizing, Rebecca found the most beautiful boxes to present the gifts in, they are a gift in themselves.

I did receive other presents too, a very pretty waterfall cardigan, certainly one for best amongst others.  What a lucky girl.

Rebecca also bought 3 helium balloons but as she was locking her front door the knot slipped and within an instant she stood watching them fly on her way up to see us, she had to go into the town and buy some more, bless!

We had a lovely meal up at the Real de Bernia restaurant where we had our wedding reception, including a tapas of aubergine, lightly battered and served on a bed of light hummus, absolutely yummy.  Must give it a try sometime.
take care


  1. Happy belated birthday. You were very spoilt, just as it should be and how special getting a 'wife' card for the first time. Your gifts are lovely and your meal out sounds delicious. Tell Rebecca to tie a weight to the balloons in future, what a shame the first three blew away.

  2. Thank you, quite novel getting the card but really sweet too. It was one of those things but we did have a laugh about it. xcx

  3. Happy Birthday! So lovely to get your wife card!! Glad you had a great day! xx

  4. How lovely to be the wife this year! great gifts too....

    1. I was certainly very lucky, all very thoughtful gifts xcx

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