Monday, April 11, 2016

A special day

Rebecca had her 30th birthday last June

We had a little surprise party for her, she thought it would be just the four of us and had no idea of any other guests. The restaurant let us decorate the space so we could make it special for her so we arrived early to set up and waited for her to arrive.

cake centre piece in the making using sugar paste

we did add lots of candles too
I wanted to make her a keepsake so I decided on a bouquet of  French beaded flowers
They are made using size 11 seed beads and wire then wrapped with florist tape
I´m sure you wouldn´t guess, but her favorite colour is purple, so this was the theme and I used tiny stones in the vase to hold the flowers

not a good snap but you can see the theme

For some reason we can´t find the photos of the close ups for the flowers so we will have to take a few sneaky ones at Rebecca´s

We also designed and printed a special newspaper for her incorporating all the news on her birth day, including meeting her brother for the first time
We sourced other relevant topical news, music reviews, theatre news and adverts for 1985 and included these.  It was a four page spread and made facinating reading

For any one with a special birthday approaching, I would suggest making one of these, not only a keepsake, but interesting for guests too.

We had a lovely day and Rebecca asked me to make the beaded flowers for her wedding.
She would like some for her bouquet, for the table decorations, button holes and probably anything else she can think of.  So the mission has been to source ´cadbury´purple beads as the main colour incorporating silver, crystal and lilac.

They are quite time consuming so I have started already, I even managed to find purple wire so the whole petal blends in
In between all these preparations I even managed to crochet a car seat blanket for the new baby
(some of it was done on the car journey to Gibraltar, take about fitting it all in!)
So we are still in wedding mode with requests for pom poms, hearts and more
Guess who is going to be a busy bee!
Plus the secret sewing going on in the background.........
Now breath.....................
take care


  1. I don't know how you find all the time. What a lovely celebration and such a good idea making that newspaper, we've got a few big celebrations this year so definitely something to think about.

    1. I must admit I did think of you with all your celebrations this year. Great fun doing it. xcx

  2. lovely to see the party decor - looks lovely and I look forward to some close ups... how fun to be doing all the flowers for the wedding - a realy tribute to your fine work.... now back to it!!

    1. Absolutely need to crack the whip. Drying rose and flower petals for the confetti as I type lol xcx

  3. Wow thise flowers are amazing! If you ever need coloured wire www.wires is the place to go. (No affiliation)

  4. Wow thise flowers are amazing! If you ever need coloured wire www.wires is the place to go. (No affiliation)