Thursday, August 11, 2016

A little jaunt

Well I think the last week+ has been the fastest week ever, it just disappeared!
I flew into Exeter on the 31st July, having left home at 6.45 where the temperature was already 31C, we landed into 17C oh what a shock, cardi straight on

Daniel, Shine, Leocia and of course new baby Maia were there to meet me.
I had a very busy week doing Grandma duties which enabled them to get on with household jobs that are extremely difficult with little ones, so I earned my keep lol

Helping to prepare Leocia´s 2nd birthday party, remembering just how loud two little people can be when the screaming starts, dragging nursery rhymes out from the memory and being inventive when a 2 year old refuses to do something without yelling was seemingly all in a days work.

They had a trip to London to get Shine´s visa ready for the wedding in September and fittings for the flower girl dress, along with my outfit, which thankfully arrived just before me and it fits!

I was returning on the 8th from Bristol and luckily Chris looked to make sure all was good for the M5, alas no totally closed above Wellington, which meant the long way round. Thank goodness for satnavs trundeling down the A303 heading towards Andover seemed to be going totally in the wrong direction until Shepton Mallet when we turned left and headed through little country lanes until we came out about 5 mins away from the airport. It took 2 hours but at least we got there.
It was a late flight so we didn´t arrive home until 1.30am to a welcoming committee of all the furries.

Yesterday saw Rebecca and I in Valencia for a dress fitting, which took nearly two hours
discussions on the finer details, one layer of tulle removed and the warning of do not lose any more weight as this is the final fitting!
All I can say is ´stunning´absolutely beautiful, even with the pins etc so on the day I know tissues will be the necessary accessory.

Well enough chat, flowers and boxes, decorations and more waiting for me, better crack on

take care


  1. It can be hard to remember what life with little ones was like when our own are all grown up, I bet you've had lots of fun. You must show us some photos of the wedding, I'm looking forward to seeing Rebecca's dress and all the crafting that's been keeping you busy.

    1. Absolutely! at times it seemed like the girls were having a competition who could yell the loudest. So looking forward to seeing them again in September. Definately will post wedding photos, its been hard not to already lol xcx

  2. a whirlwind trip ..... so much to do.... now back to work for you!!

    1. You are quite right, ring pillow completed, construction of the box under way and a few more flowers done. xcx