Monday, August 22, 2016

Catch up

With all the holiday makers here we have had hardly any internet which is frustrating to say the least. It´s like this every year at holiday times and it just goes to show how we now take this service for granted, especially if you want to google something.

I´m still making things for the wedding with some finishes, so I thought I would show you the ring pillow. I took the initials from the wedding invitation and they both love it, phew!

Rebecca also decided on necklace and earring sets for the bridesmaids, how ever the costs were high, so I sourced all the components including the gift boxes and put them together myself, thus reducing the outlay considerably. 
The jewellry trade is notorious for adding between 200 and 300% to their prices

The days are ticking by, not long to go now, guests have booked flights, need to plan some menus for our house guests, thinking easy buffet style, what doesn´t get done is fine as no one will know but ourselves.

We had such a brilliant evening on Saturday. Rebecca and Antoni had collected 6 bottles of wine from the venue for us to taste and choose.
We decided to replecate the menu as far as we could to give the wine a fair go.  We bought fresh monk fish (gosh they are ugly) and made a sauce then lamb with veggies. We tried and tasted and changed our minds, but the evening was full of laughter, fun and we all put our two pennyworth into creating the dishes.. None of us are really red wine drinkers, finding them to full of tannin, but instead of a dessert we got out the goats cheese, my oh my that made a difference, wonderful.....
We then decided on a late night dip to cool off in the pool, where even I had to admit the water was beautifully warm and again the greatest of fun was had by all playing with the go pro´s under water and mucking about, so no photos unfortunately having too much fun..

take care


  1. It sounds like you've been having a wonderful time and making lots of memories. I love the ring pillow and the jewellery sets are absolutely beautiful, you're so clever making them yourself.

    1. Sorry for the delay in replying, but yes lots of memories, nice to let the hair down sometimes. I was pleased to be able to help with the gift sets and have to admit they were really easy once all the components were assembled. They love the cushion so that´s good too, xcx

  2. sounds like a lot of fun and busy time for you. I love the jewellery you have made and the beautiful ring pillow....

    1. Thanks Fiona, glad two more items ticked off the list xcx