Friday, August 26, 2016

A beautiful, wonderful event

We have just returned from our trip to Gibraltar with Rebecca and Antoni
we left Tuesday morning, flying from Valencia to Malaga
(didn´t realise just how big Malaga airport was)
We grabbed the hire car
squeezing our luggage in and headed off for the one and a half hour drive to Gibraltar

This time we had booked an apartment in town which we hoped would save some costs as we could do self catering, although in the end I´m not sure if we did .
The two bedroomed ensuite apartment was very shabby from the outside, but hey we were living inside which was really quite nicely furnished, the beds were comfy and the presentation was, well adequate, but for three days it was fine

We had the fore thought to stop in La Linea on the spanish side to find our usual supermarket as we know the products and it was far far cheaper than Gib´s Morrisons

Rebecca and Antoni set off by 8 o/c on Wednesday to wait for the Registry office to open just in case there was a long wait, being August Gibraltar was extremely busy.
However they were first (and only) in line and finished the first part of the paperwork quickly
You have to return for 11.30 to receive your documents and confirmations all is ok and to get the affidavit signed and returned
Nail biting moment in some respects, but considering you have already sent these via email and had them confirmed before you attend should mean it´s plain sailing
Which of course it is, but human nature makes you stress a bit!

Approaching the Rock
Our view, every bit of space is built on but they do plant trees etc in between
We had a mooch and then a drive all around the island

Thursday went in a flash, getting ready, arriving, and the ceremony
We were allowed to film and also make a video link via skype for those who couldn´t attend
It was a very nice atmosphere, serious but relaxed....
After the ceremony on Thursday we walked back through Main Street, gaining lots of smiles, looks and congratulations as we went

This is being considered as the legalities with the ´wedding´still to come
We found a lovely space for a photo opportunity

Not sure if you can tell how proud I am of my beautiful girl but it was very moving and emotional considering (......) and Antoni ended the day calling me Mum...........
take care



  1. How lovely Chrissie, you can hear the pride in your voice. I bet it was emotional after the tough times. Rebecca made a beautiful bride and I wish her and Antoni all the happiness they can muster...

  2. Oh thank you Fiona, yes it was emotional Rebecca had silent tears cascading down her face but her face was beaming, even the Registrar commented on the love that was radiating around the room. We were so blessed to be invited and share and certainly memories were made that trip. Looking forward to the 'wedding' now xcx