Monday, August 6, 2018

Water baby

Done and dusted for another year, phew
Early evening we were entertained by the traditional dancers, then it was supper followed by another band, who actually finished early at 12.30 so a reasonable bed time about 1.30! although being deprived of sleep its amazing how difficult it is to drop off
Apart from the streamers and mobile bar waiting to be dismantled, you wouldn´t even know we had four days of partying, everything is swept and cleaned 

We have been here 11 years now and one of our priorities was to have a pool
We are lucky that it is just over 9 x 4 m so a length is achievable
The steps are built in such a way that it doesn´t hinder swimming and you can reach  Agatha (the fountain) easily. The top step warms up in such a way when the skimmers are on it pushes the warm water into the pool, which is currently 30C
Having fibro it is difficult to get any exercise that doesn´t cause alot of pain and anguish
I decided to get in the pool and gently work away at some lengths and by going diagonally gain a few more inches
5 days in, I am up to 50 lengths (approx 400m)
Can´t say I have noticed any difference yet, but it must help towards a little fitness and possible weight loss?!
Taking the opportunity whilst the water is warm
As Dory said keep on swimming lol
take care


  1. Swimming is the only exercise, apart from walking, that I don't actually mind. They say that swimming is the best exercise for so many things so keep at it.

    1. Think I may have been a bit optimistic, did 50 again last night and rather felt it afterwards lol xcx

  2. I can just imagine the adrenaline after all the partying.... lovely to have the pool there and the swimming will definitely help … it's a nice gentle exercise...

    1. Not sure how long it will be kept up once the water cools down but then I hope walking will feel much better for being a tiny bit fitter?! xcx

  3. I agree with Jo walking and swimming … so enjoyable.
    The pool looks great.

    All the best Jan

    1. Thanks, don´t know where we would be without it, not really a beach person. xcx