Saturday, February 16, 2019

Home again, home again

Home again, home again
We have just returned from a weeks stay in the UK, brrr it was chilly but at least we didn´t have very much rain and of course there is the central heating.
We had booked this trip way back in November and managed to get flights for a very good rate

It was nice that Chris accompanied me this time, as we were staying at MIL´s in Woking we headed to Gatwick. The first couple of days were spent helping Mum sort out various areas that had become over loaded again and I spent several hours sorting out a huge pile of clothes by her bed, no where for them to go so I put them into relevant piles, but at least she could see what she had. Mum does like to be coordinated, even down to her watches and loves clothes, only trouble is she buys more without letting go of some of the older ones. I also found 11 handbags buried amongst it all so added these to her collection. I don´t think I even have half that amount of bags. I do tend to keep all sorts in my bag and really can´t be asked to keep swapping bags, anyway I treated myself to a lovely Desigual bag last year and it goes with practically everything.

One of the reasons for the trip was to surprise Chris´s brother on his 60th birthday
The meal was held at Bartons Mill in Old Basing, a beautiful 17th century mill, still with its mill workings and in a very pleasant setting. We met up with Rebecca and Antoni there which was lovely and had a very enjoyable evening.

The other reason we had booked so early was because the Sunday was supposed to have been Rebecca´s baby shower, which obviously didn´t happen, but we spent several hours chatting and showing Mum their new house, before Chris took his Mum back as I was staying with Rebecca until Wednesday evening.
Chris was busy searching for old photographs ready for a compilation for Mum´s 90th birthday, oh my word, the good old 70´s!

This was Chris back in 1974, I´m glad his taste in clothes has changed for the better lol

He also found the family projector and films going back for years, including clips of both of us in 1971 when we were very young teenagers, playing piggy in the middle with his Mum. Nostalgia or what!

It was so lovely to spend time together, chatting and catching up and collecting real hugs instead of virtual ones and as she had taken holiday we spent all our time together.
There were a couple of prearranged appointments which were extremely emotional, draining and challenging but I was so thankful that I was able to be there to support them both and give Rebecca hugs and cuddles. 

Chris and Antoni went off to see the Reading football match on the Wednesday evening, which they thoroughly enjoyed, even more as they won.
Then all too soon it was all over, having to say our goodbyes with lots of hugs, then just one more before driving back to stay with Mum that night as our airport taxi was quite early.

The return flight was late, not that it mattered really but Chris did have a window seat and took some rather spectacular shots, especially over the Pyrenees, at least the flight was smooth unlike the outward journey which was extremely bumpy.

We had a welcoming committee from the furries who curled around our legs purring loudly, but then I saw their food bowls were empty, so maybe that had something to do with it lol

It was lovely to see everyone and certainly to be with Rebecca and I miss her terribly, but there is something about going home, to your own space, comfortable around your own things, knowing where everything is, in a safe environment that you have created and can relax in.
Now I can tick the days off before Rebecca is out for a week to see us in March, as she says she is coming home aww.

Hope you all enjoy your weekend what ever you do
take care


  1. It sounds like you've had a lovely week. I had to laugh at you being cold, we've been having lovely spring-like days, but I suppose it is still cold compared to what you're used to. I love looking back at old photos, I have a box full but we only tend to get them out when I'm looking for something.

    1. I did managed to sit in the sun for 5 minutes a couple of times lol. We were probably the height of fashion then, still got a pair of flares somewhere xcx

  2. Sounds like you had a good visit. Your MIL is close to the same age as my Dad. He'll be 93 on Tuesday of this coming week. When you say you stack things up, is she in a care facility that doesn't have storage space for her things? Awesome photo your hubby got out the plane window!
    Sandy's Space

    1. That made me smile. Mum has a 5 bedroomed house, two of the rooms are jammed with other peoples possessions and all the wardrobe spaces are taken with her clothes. I was going to help her sort some out to give to charity but ran out of time. She is an absolute whizz at finding charity shop bargains and so the piles grow! xcx

  3. Great visit and so good you could spend that special time with Rebecca, as well as do other family things…. I love that 70's picture... so typical of that era and high fashion then too! My MIL also likes to be coordinated and I am always amazed how many shoes are needed for that!

    1. It was lovely to spend time with Rebecca, Mum´s the same, shoes, bags jackets, lots of colour, scarves, but then at nearly 90 its great she wants to do that if it makes her feel great. Hope I feel like that at her age xcx

  4. It sounds a very nice week, and it was lovely seeing all of your photographs.

    I can understand your sentiment …
    Yes, it is always lovely to see family (and friends), but there is something special about returning home, to one's own space, and to feel comfortable around your own things, knowing where everything is, in a safe environment that you have created and can relax in. Sorry I've copied your words but I just thought they captured my feelings perfectly too :)

    All the best Jan

  5. As I said, in another comment, I am 81. And I am very, very interested in the topic of this book... "The Gentle Art of Swedish Death Cleaning"... Not sad at all..!!! Wise, wise, wise, wise, wise!

    If your M-i-L has all those piles now, and she continues to buy more..... Just think of the job someone is going to have, after she passes....!!!!!

    I had to clean out my 2 story family home, all by my self, because I am an only child. It Was Hell!!!!! I don't want to do that, to our children.

    But my husband does not fully agree, about eliminating things. Nor about my view... That I do not want children to have any guilt, about getting rid of my things. Anything they want, take, of course! But anything of mine...Still here....Eliminate...It's fine with me....-chuckle- As if I will be upset, in the here-after!!!! ,-)

    And now, I am trying to eliminate allll, I do not Love or Use. How wise it that???? For me!!! For me!!!!!

    "Stuff" weighs on me. It "hangs" over my head. For me, I am doing this. :-))))