Thursday, July 8, 2010

Gecko's and birds

Wednesday - another very early morning 6.30 saw me in my work room and Tammy decided to bring me a gift, a gecko, after a swift rescue mission, I managed to restore it to its rightful habitat without her seeing, hope he runs faster next time.

I harvested our lavender plants and stripped the flower heads and used them to fill these little birds. Unfortunately as there was not enough I had to continue with stuffing, but even so, the fragrance was quite heady. Think I had better keep them out of the gift box, otherwise everything will smell lol.

I also finished my challenge project. It has been difficult to capture on a photo, particularly the gold running through the blue material, as the light seemed to play tricks.

Using gold thread I stitched a sashico pattern called Katabami or wood sorrel on the four corners. The design was developed during Japan's feudal period and the emblem was favoured by the warrior class because the plant was so prolific and it signified their expectation that their decendants would enlarge the family's territory as readily as the wood sorrel took over the field.

Again it's hard to see.

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  1. Lovely birds and I love the colours in your cushion.