Sunday, July 18, 2010

Little by little

Slowing up for a few reasons, its hot and humid but we have also been catching up with a few chores outside, particularly in the courtyard. On the plus side the pool was 30 C so very nice to cool off. The kittens have been quite time consuming too along with regular watering of all pot plants and veggie garden. Still a couple of other projects to be finished.....

A couple more additions to the home decor, this week long wall chart was from so with the help of DH, we laminated it and I put magnets on each corner, then made a pen holder again with a magnet, so both could reside on the fridge, with the view to putting a wipe clean menu for each day or just recording when sell by dates were being reached within the fridge.

I wanted to make a project from my lovely gift book, crafting christmas, I decided to make the reindeer, so here he is. Everyone loves him, although some have queried why think of christmas in July, until I explain.

Till next time

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  1. I am loving your little Reindeer glad you are having fun with the book.
    Kind Regards