Thursday, July 8, 2010


With Judith's kind guidence, I had a little play with revamping my blog, must admit I did get help from DH when things whizzed away and refused to appear, but mostly managed to do it on my own. I have made a couple of things today, but will wait until I have something else before I put photos up.

Thought you might like to see DH's latest miniature. He took the photos at the museum in Guadalest a couple of weeks ago and after creating drawings, this is his version of a jewellry box stand, all 1/12th scale


Have a feeling it might be up to me to make the jewellry


  1. Love your new look Chrissie, well done.

    WOW what fantastic work DH has done, very clever.

    Sems you are both very talented people

  2. Well done Chrissy...the blog looks warm and welcoming. So love the miniature work you and your husband do. It's great that you can share your work with us from your new blog.