Monday, July 19, 2010


After a request to see some more miniatures, here are three items DH has been finishing off recently. He makes his own plans from either a photograph or by measuring the full size item then hand cuts and finishes.

This replica camera and tripod has working parts, the camera swivels, raises and lowers, whilst the tripod legs expand too, doesn't take piccies though lol

The grandfather clock has a working clock face and was hand carved

This drinks trolley is a replica of the full sized one in MIL's dining room, again hand cut and carved. DH also made one for MIL for the doll's house he designed and built for her 80th birthday last year.

I have designed and stitched various rugs, soft furnishings, mini quilts, flowers etc and have a very much WIP stitching a miniature 3d embroidered garden. Definiately a little at a time project. Hope you like them


  1. wow they are lovely, as I said before we would have them here at our hanging, just lovely. thankyou for sharing! Linda

  2. I am in awe of this beautiful "very detailed" work by Chris...are we going to see a pic of the Dolls House too??
    Kind Regards