Thursday, August 9, 2012


What a long weekend, it was our hamlet's fiesta.  We are quite exhausted.  It started on Friday evening after the Festeros had transformed the plaza with bunting, a bar, tables and chairs etc, everyone brings their own picnic and our little plaza fills up with many people.  This was DS's first fiesta as he has never managed to visit whilst its been on before 

This was the scene on Saturday night, even more people arrived and the place was really buzzing.  

The music each evening starts after the tables have been cleared about 11pm and continues until about 3am. It is usually a mix between traditional party music and hits.  Everyone likes to dance, from grandparents to the littlies .It is impossible to sleep as the volume is so high, then once the music stops the Festeros clear every thing away until the following night and it looks as though nothing had happened.

Sunday follows a different route with one of the Festeros letting off very loud bangers to wake everyone in time for the church service, half way through Santa Barbara is carried out and paraded around the plaza followed by those who had attended the service. then they return to the church.

Refreshments are served and this is a traditional iced drink or special milk with a huge chunk of cake.  The Festeros for the following year are then presented with an even bigger piece of cake adorned with a carnation to signify their role.  As we will be Festeros next year we duly accepted our gift, now comes the hard part of trying to raise funds for the next year. 

Races are held with fierce competition from all participants, the children all receive a gift just for joining in but the men receive a live cockrel, which the winner proudly displays

This year saw the return of the 
dancers who performed in their traditional dress and gave a good display 

Sunday nights are always a little quieter and the music finishes earlier about 2am.  Our fiesta only runs for 3 days, unlike in other larger towns and villages that can go on for 12 days of merry making!
How the locals do that every night and still get up for the normal routine beats me.

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  1. sounds like a lot of fun... such lovely colours and activities....