Sunday, August 19, 2012

Fun and frogs

It's all gone quiet as DS has now returned to the UK, it was so good to see him and join in all the things as a family we wanted to do at Easter but were unable as DD was in ICU.  It was his first fiesta, which he enjoyed, then trips to the rastro, a few meals out, lovely family meals in and lounging around the pool, beach trips, he even did a little crafting, so all in all a very successful trip.  Do miss him now though!

Ages ago I spotted some patterns for making dishcloths using 100% cotton yarn at frogiezplace but at the time I just saved them whilst I hunted for the yarn.  In the end it came down to ordering from the UK. I found a very helpful, sharp company and received my order within a few days.

The first one is a tree frog, this is for DD

This was the rose pattern in lilac, just DD's colours

Then again in purple.
 I found knitting with the yarn very easy and in the hot weather just ideal, think a few for the Christmas box will be in order.  I enjoyed the patterns too, simple but effective, they are easy to use as pot holders to as they are so soft and pliable, so thank you

On one of the trips to the rastro DD spied these patchwork Turkish harem trousers, they are really comfortable and cool to wear, especially in the evenings when you are trying to avoid the mosi bites.  Although DD doesnt 'do' sewing I thought they fitted in with the theme 

Oh well off to do a little more knitting, trying my hand at a softie........
take care
opps just noticed DH has photographed the back side of the roses, oh well never mind you get the gist.

Tried to put an update and couldn't work it out! Since I have been away blogger has updated itself to a new format, I want to remove a badge and add another one, but can I see how to? no!  can anyone point me in the right direction please, pretty please..........  

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  1. Hi Chrissie, I just love the home made dishcloths.. but I am boring and have just done plain squares.. they work the best... and I love those harem pants.... not sure if I am answering right... go to Design (should be top right of your blog page)... then pick layout and that should be familiar...