Monday, August 27, 2012


Yesterday the sky was very dark and we had some funny stuff falling from it, firstly huge great blobs then the heavens opened and it became a deluge, we had 25mm in 30 minutes.  We haven't seen any rain up here since about February and I don't think you can count the 2 minute shower a few weeks ago that barely filled a teaspoon.  All the dust and pollen has been washed away and the plants are holding their leaves up again, hmmm but I bet the weeds are laughing too!!

A couple of weeks ago DD attended a consultation and was devastated to learn she has yet another shadow on her right lung and fibrosis due to the chemo and radiotherapy.  Time is a healer and they say it could take years before this improves, in the meantime probably life changes and compromise.  Still more consults to go next month, gosh what a year!
We were all a little shell shocked by the news and needed some cheering up, so the four of us went to a little cocktail bar in Javea

I've never had a cocktail before and DH and I decided on a Pina colada, DD had a non alcoholic mango and pineapple but DS decided on the works called a slammer, not surprised at its name as it had about 5 different shots in it
The bar had beautiful sofas and even four poster beds to relax upon whilst watching the bay.  Then they brought some nibbles
 This made us realise how hungry we were, 

 and we were not disappointed with our choices.

DD came over to see us on Friday and she presented me with these beautiful flowers saying just because you're you, how lovely was that.  I'll take another pic when the buds of the lillies and glads come out

Not much to show on the sewing front, its been too hot but I have been knitting a softie, finished all the components, just needs sewing up and stuffing now. Think I'll give it a go
take care x



  1. Oh Chrissie... I'm sure you are all shocked and I am sending you lots of love and thoughts... DD has done so well and you will all climb this mountain together and enjoy the scenery when you are on top .... lovely flowers and scrummy food and coctails....

  2. Oh what a terrible blow that it isnt all good news now. You have all been through enough already. But keep positive, keep climbing that mountain as Fiona says, and enjoy every moment together.
    Sounds a delightful place, food and cocktails look amazing. And what beautiful flowers.
    Sending love and hugs. xx