Wednesday, August 1, 2012

A good day

Yesterday I had another appointment with the osteopath, still feels like the torture chamber but getting better. DD very kindly offered to take me as DH was off to Alicante airport to collect DS yeah!  but we found that one of the cats had jumped in the open car window and set off the hazards which were slowly and dimly blinking away, DH had time to put the battery on charge and called us later to say all was well and it had started.

So pleased as DD and I had planned to do a little shopping and be 'girls that lunch' and to have rushed back home would have spoilt it.  We had our little retail therapy then headed off to Moraira by the coast for lunch.  This is a very popular place and quite expensive, but we found a little cafe for Menu del Dia and had a lovely relaxing lunch chatting over mussels and squid followed by a mixed paella, we can't 'do' desserts as we have a dairy intolerance so just went for the coffee.  Silly me forgot the camera so no pics.

At home the boys still hadn't arrived......ah we thought, might be a case of whats good for the goose etc, sure enough they had stopped off at the local restaurant and joined the locals in some home made wine made from tiny white grapes, apparently quite sweet and certainly potent!

So good to see DS, lots of hugs, and look forward to some good quality time all together as DD slowly improves.  They are predicting highs of up to 39C and its already hot hot hot.

take care


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  1. The food sounds amazing... have a wonderful time altogether...