Monday, July 30, 2012

Grinding halt

Nice weekend with DD and A here just relaxing, A even cooked us all a couple of meals which was really nice to relinquish the kitchen duties and meant I could go and play.  DD received a Wii for her birthday in June and we had some fun skiing and bowling, there was also yoga to try, I can see great fun being had.

I had this sudden urge to try a quilt....... thought I would start smallish and do a lap quilt.  Started cutting and making little piles, but what I failed to do was work out the maths.....

So I carried on stitching and cutting, making pinwheels, now I realise just how many of these it will take, so its all come to a grinding halt until I can get some contrast material.  Shame I was just getting in the swing of it

Went on to make a couple of little mats using the wavy patchwork method, hard to see in the photo but quite effective 

The little cottage butter dish belonged to my Mum, she had a matching teapot too.

Oh well another week, better get going
take care

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  1. So great to have DD and A over to all relax and have fun.... lovely pinwheels... I hope you can find your contrast soon... and cute little wavy mats... looks very impressive.... what a lovely butterdish to set them off....