Monday, July 9, 2012

A little applique

Back in January I had rather a serious fall, well actually I was completely knocked off my feet and bowled over. By whom you may well ask? it was one of our cats, yup Lucy came speeding around the corner from the kitchen straight into my legs as I was walking up the marble steps, I went flying landing very heavily across the steps and hitting my head on the marble wall. Now I'm not sure how much sense was in there in the first place but boy it certainly shook it all around.  A check up at the hospital, as my foot had smashed down very badly,  all was well in no broken bones, concussion, take some pills and off you go, the fact it has taken months to all heal is just another part of the equation.
Well a week ago I decided I had reached the end of putting up with the pain in my shoulder etc as it was having a serious impact on my life and as things have quietened down on the DD front I went to see an osteopath.  All went quite well on the first day but he wanted to see me again, so I have been going to his torture chamber   consulting rooms every morning with the instructions of do as little as possible and go easy on the stitching!
That didn't last long as I have been quite enjoying getting back into it all again, so I decided to try something different where I could stand for a bit without tension in the shoulders and neck, so here is what I am up to, reverse applique.  

I am being disobedient because I blanket stitched around all the shapes, but as I enjoyed doing it I think one must out weigh the other, well that's my story and I'm sticking to it lol

I am going to have a play on the machine with Romeo (dissolving fabric) for the mane and tail and I think I will add something in stumpwork, 

Off to play, enjoy your day
take care


  1. What a great unicorn :)
    Sorry to hear you had been hurt earlier in the year... so not what you needed, but hope the torture chamber will do you some good.
    It may be good for the body, but sewing will be good for the soul :)
    Will email you.

  2. ouch... hope it all heals up quick and I think the bit of stitching can only help as long as you don't over due it (is there such a thing as overdoing stitching?) I'm looking forward to seeing how you do the mane... I have some of that romeo stuff but haven't tried it...