Friday, July 27, 2012


I was doing a little blog hopping, as you do, and found this little gem, it is very simple but extremely useful.  Its a car rubbish holder, we always seem to have bits n bobs in the car from car park tickets to munchie packs, so when I saw this at Kathleen's at Rose Prairie I thought it was just the ticket and made a small and large version.  It's a very simple bag. sized around a zip lock plastic bag with a handle to put over the gear stick or what ever, but as it can be sealed anything slightly whiffy can be sealed in.

 DH kindly harvested the lavender for me, not as much as I would have liked so when the rains come and we can actually dig in our  concrete  soil I would like to plant lots more for next year.  This is the before stripping

this is the yield, as I said not much really......

Its DD's fiance's birthday next week and I wanted to add a little something to his present and as he complains of a sore neck and back, I decided to make him 2 warm/cool packs filled with rice and 2 hand warmers, I also added a pair of shoe stuffers, stuffed with the lavender, well trainers can always do with a helping hand lol

Whilst I was at it I made another pair of hand warmers for the pressie box and several more shoe stuffers, but I ran out of lavender, so the only thing I can do is order some on line to finish off.

We have an uninvited visitor at the moment, a snake in the courtyard, of course the furries are agog with a potential play mate,  we think its harmless!! but don't want to upset it, just hope it will get the message and go away, and no there are no pics cos first I don't do snakes and second I'm quite sure lots of others don't do them either.

Oh well, off to do dinner, enjoy your weekend whatever you may be doing
take care

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