Monday, July 16, 2012


This year all of our Agarves have matured and are flowering, quite spectacular as they tower above everything else.  Unfortunately we have had high winds enough to lift roof tiles off and these magnificent flowers have taken a battering, completely breaking one off and damaging the others, such a shame as they take 30 odd years to flower then the whole plant dies.
Here you can see just how large one flowering head is as you can just see DH's hand holding it, its very heavy too.

I thought I would make a few mug rugs for DD using her favorite colour, purple

An interesting question was posed in someones blog (sorry can't remember who) which was, when does a WIP become a UFO?
Well this next project was definately in the UFO catagory.  It started out its life as a Baltimore pattern years ago, but I really didn't like the flatness at the time so I incorporated stumpwork, needleweaving, french knots and some beading to bring it more to life.  There it sat, it even came over to Spain, just shows how long ago it was started. So I decided to do something about it and put on the border, but this time I made the binding by bringing over the backing, quite a quick solution.

The petals and  bird's wings are wired

and the feathers were attached separately

Quite chuffed after all this time to see it finished and it looks good hanging up too.

Take care

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  1. stunning flower head.....and I love your stitched 3D flowers.... amazing...