Monday, July 2, 2012


I enjoyed my goats cheese salad with honey dressing the other day at the beach, so as not to leave DH out I made my own version, just adding a few extra ingredients and tomatoes.  Not a thing was left on the plates, so I suppose that speaks for itself.

I did mention that I had dabbled at a couple of things during my 'away time', here are a couple of them, during a conversation with DD it emerged that her needlework box had been left behind in the UK so I thought I would add a couple of little extra gifts for her recent birthday and made the little mouse pin cushion and needlecase which I also filled with all sorts of needles, pins safety pins etc etc as you do.  She was pleased but I really don't know how much use she will get out of them as she is really not interested in needlecraft at all.  In fact just the other day she asked if I could mend a layered summer skirt where the layers and lace were drifting apart, no problem, then I found she had already tried to fix it herself at some earlier stage as I tried to prise out rusty safety pins and staples lol  where's there a will there's a way

I was looking for a project to take with me whilst waiting for DD in radiotherapy and found a printed panel of 6 cushions in my stash.  They were just right, no thinking involved, no piecing, yes I know, cop out! just quilt the design, so having layered them up I took them along and they made their debut, now for some reason we have noticed that many of the people waiting just don't take anything with them, just sit getting agitated, but I could still talk to DD and stitch.  Now what I hadn't anticipated was the others watching me and then asking me what I was doing, unfortunately my spanish is still not what it should be so all I could do was smile sweetly and keep my head down.  I actually finished quilting all 6 and we now have nice new cushions for our outside naya.
I have been following others blogs, just not felt able to contribute but enjoyed all the projects, then a couple of days ago Clare showed us the lovely dish covers she had made.  Feeling that was just what I could do with right now, I was game to have a go.  Fell at the first hurdle, bias binding!  Didn't have any, don't know where to get any here either.  Then light bulb moment when I remembered a huge box of notion goodies that came from the days when my parents had a little craft shop so my Dad could present his Tiffany glass work.  A good rummage revealed a little binding maker, with instructions, (luckily) and so I ventured off into unknown territory, and it worked.
I'm sure all you seasoned quilt makers are wondering what is she on about it's easy, well I couldn't make it line up but after several unpickings got there in the end.  Obviously more practice needed.
So I was really chuffed to have made 2 covers and thank Clare very much for the idea.

Only problem is I couldn't get the start and finish edges to line up nicely, so if any one has any hints/tips on this binding lark I would be pleased to hear from you

Oh well, that time again, off to do the evening meal
take care


  1. well done for recreating the salad... looks fantastic and so do the goodies you made... I find binding on smaller things difficult... and especially if you choose round ones too!!!! haha - you went for hardest to learn on..... your cushions are fantastic...

  2. Love the cushion you quilted, and such a cute little mouse and needlecase. You just dont know, maybe some time in the future your DD may make good use of them. Lovely little dish covers. Yes, the ends of circular binding can be tricky to get right.