Monday, July 23, 2012


I came across this little cross stitch kit lurking in the cupboard with a couple of others and decided it was just right to do, simple and easy without too much thinking.  Haven't thought what to make it into yet.  

I then decided to be a little more creative, this little cat is the same one I used on DD's needlecase (I'm sorry, but even though I have trawled through some blogs I still can't find who to acredit it to)  I drew around a heart shape and then let my pencil meander around creating the vine.  I used number 15 beads for the flowers and was quite pleased with the result.

What next? so I chose 1/2 squares in colours I don't usually choose and had a play.  I had been inspired by someone else's chevron cushion and gave it a go.  Trouble was, I totally miscalculated the number of squares I needed so decided to try the diamond shape as well.

I quite enjoyed doing these, just need to think a little bigger, lap quilt bigger perhaps?

What now?
take care

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  1. love the little stitchery .... I have the chevron on my wish list... so effective isn't it... and you got a double bonus! as for the frog.... ooooh.... I do like frogs ...