Sunday, February 17, 2013

Bit of this and that

This is the view from the outer terrace of our local restaurant, a popular area even in mid February, although its a sun trap there was still a nip in the air

DD's hotel in Valencia has a glass lift on the outside of the building, they are on the 6th floor but decided to travel to the 30th floor where she took these photos 

 She did admit she closed her eyes on the way up and down - scary huh? wouldn't do me, I get dizzy just standing on a chair

Been busy today in my craft room, DS put in a request for a carrier bag tidy on his recent visit, quick and simple (except I now realise the photo is upside down)
So while I was at it I made him a car rubbish bag by lining it with a zip lock plastic bag for all those little bits the cars seem to be filled with.

 Ages ago I made a little evening bag but forgot to put any stiffeners between the layers so this is how it hangs, not impressive at all 

Unpicked some of it and added some card, now it looks much better and it might even be used now

Then I moved on to stitching together the pinwheels in blocks of four, just as I was about to take the photo Simba decided to help and practically put his nose on the camera
Can I help Mum?

Got there in the end

Hope you all had time to craft this weekend
take care


  1. love the local restaurant.... such a magnificent setting.... great views for DD to enjoy... she is having fun... your bag looks much better with the card.... and such pretty pinwheels happening...

  2. What an amazing view. It would be a bit scary in a glass lift going to that height. Lovely restaurant. The bag is so pretty that I deserves to be used so the bit of stiffness in it makes it more useable. I have had to do that at times too. We definitely needed to see Simba.

  3. Hi Chrissie, that restaurant is high up, no good for me either as I get dizzy with two pairs of socks on, lol.

    Love your quilt blocks, such fabulous colours.